Lambda Behave (Java Testing Framework) 0.3 Released

Lambda Behave 0.3 release notes.

Tue 12 August 2014

Lambda Behave is a modern, fluent and fun testing framework for Java 8.

The Growing Community

Its great to see that despite only releasing a couple of months ago there's already quite a few people trying out or contributing to lambda behave. Massive thanks to the London Software Craftsmanship Community for hosting a talk on Lambda Behave and the London Java Community and Opencredo for hosting a hackday. At both events there were great questions and really useful feedback. in the case of the hackday also a few pull requests.

If you're based in London I will be giving another talk next week.

The 0.3 release has also had much appreciated code contributions from Chee Seng Chua, Chris West, Ross Binden, Martijn Verburg and Bill Venners. A big thanks also to anyone who has filed an issue or contributed feedback to the project.

So what's new in the 0.3 release?

Here's a quick bulletpoint rundown of the new features. As ever, Lambda Behave can found in maven central from whatever your preferred build tool is.

  • Rename the methods that run before and after specifications. This is an incompatible change and end users will need to update their code bases appropriately.
  • Integrate and simplify the random number generation and the data driven testing APIs.
  • Add the ability to reset mocks.
  • Add combinators for using business domain objects in property based testing.
  • Start logging seed numbers for random number generators used in property based testing.
  • Improve the Javadoc due to feedback from the Great folks at the LJC.
  • Add integration with ScalaTest so that you can run lambda-behave tests through the scala-test infrastructure.
  • Fix several bugs related to API corner cases.
  • Reintegrate the examples project into the maven multi-module project.

See the issue tracker for more details.

A Quick Plug

If you've been interested in this Lambda Behave blog post then you're probably also interested in Java 8! I've written a book and am teaching a training course to help get Java developers up to speed with Java 8 quickly.